Learn to Dance in Madrid, Spain

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Feel the rhythm of Spanish and Latin dance run through your veins. Move yourself to energetic beats and feel the energy, the rhythm and the heat! For Latin people, dancing is an important and fun aspect of personal expression, as well as being able to make friends and share memorable moments together.

Dancing is an unforgettable experience that you cannot afford to miss out on. It is rewarding, stimulating and, above all, stimulating.

Thanks to our experience, we here at Dance Classes Madrid have created the ideal combination of Spanish and Latin dance to please all types of tastes and desires. Take a look at our irresistible list of dance disciplines below that are available through us:

Salsa     -  Tango     -  Flamenco     -  Sevillanas     -  Merengue     -  Mambo     -  Rumba     -  Cha-Cha-Cha

Afro-Cuban Dance     -  Belly Dance     -  Ballet     -  Contemporary Dance     -  Jazz

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We feel proud to be able to offer our clients whatever they ask for and we are always available if you have any comments to share with us so that we can continue improving. It is in our interest to please our clients, and we feel that we have successfully achieved that.

Every client that has chosen our dance courses has gone home feeling happy and amazed with their experience. We can give you our word that there is nothing quite like showing off your new dancing skills like a ballerina.

The Dance Sessions

All of the lessons are interactive and use modern techniques to teach the dance matter. By the end of the course, you will feel that you have learnt so much and much more than you thought you would before the start o the course.

The classes are small, which optimizes the attention that you will receive from the instructors. We can guarantee that if you put in the work and have the determination that it takes, you will improve your dance skills so much that you will be astonished!