The History of Belly Dance

Belly dancing’s popularity exploded in the 1990’s and, thanks to the creation of fitness videos and performers like Shakira and Beyonce, hasn’t decreased since.

As the popularity of these videos grew and became known worldwide, Belly dancing was featured as a way of getting into shape, and the interest in belly dancing increased. This caused people from all different backgrounds and nationalities to begin embrace this new cultural explosion and to enroll in belly dance lessons!


Belly Dance Lessons

belly dance in madrid

Learn belly dance in Madrid. How exotic!

During your lessons, you will gradually learn the rhythms of belly dance and the elegant movements involved, so that after just a few lessons you will be able to isolate parts of your body and move them in time to the music.


As you mayalready know, the main dance move in belly dance involves isolating various areas (such as the hips, shoulders, chest, stomach etc.) and dancing to the beat of the music. With our classes you will master this fluid and sexy technique- get ready to amaze your friends!


An important aspect of this dance is the dancer’s costumes, which are visually distinct and often contain intricate detailing and metal beads. The bedlah (Arabic for suit), is the costume most commonly associated with the western version of the dance, so feel free to embrace your inner belly dancer and wear the traditional clothing to your dance lesson in Madrid! Alternatively, you can wear any type of fitness clothing that you feel comfortable in.




When booking less than 10 classes

Group classes    15€
Individual classes    Available on request

When reserving more than 10 classes

Group classes    12€
Individual classes    Available on request
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If you are interested in having a private class for you, you and your partner, or a group of friends, contact us so we can personalize the flamenco classes to fit your needs.