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  • mambo dance classes

    Hey Mambo!

    The Mambo originated in Cuba and closely resembles Salsa. In America, it is an extremely popular type of dance, due to the proximity to Cuba and its usage in pop culture. If you have ever dreamed of moving like the […]

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  • contemporary classes

    Do you Contemporary Dance?

    Contemporary Dance began simultaniously in both the USA and Europe. The popularity of this modern dance culture began with the postmodern trend that had started to appear in arts on both continents and grew from there. At first, Contemporary Dance […]

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  • chacha dance classes

    One, two, Cha-Cha-Cha!

    The cha-cha-cha is both a dance and a musical genre, which was invented in 1953 by the Cuban violinist Enrique Jorrin of the America Charanga Orchestra. The word Cha-cha-cha comes from the rhythm and sound that the güiro makes and […]

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  • rumba dance classes


    The Rumba originated in Matanzas, Cuba, in the early 1800’s and the word “Rumba” is a derivation of the Spanish word “rumbo”, which means “the way”. It was originally used to describe late night parties in which people got together […]

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  • Merengue dance classes

    Have you ever danced Merengue?

    The Merengue is a musical genre and dance that originated in the Dominican Republic, a Caribbean island. It started to become well known around 1850, specifically in the northern region of El Cibao, and today its popularity has spread to […]

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