The History of Bollywood Dance

The name Bollywood was originally created by combining the names of Bombay (which is now the city of Mumbai) and Hollywood. The term Bollywood can refer to the films, the music, or the style of dance. The film industry is bigger than Hollywood in terms of ticket sales and produces more than three times as many films a year.


An important aspect of Bollywood films is the large dance numbers (street dance routines often contain hundreds of dancers) that take place during the course of the story to help tell the tale. As the Bollywood and Indian film industry continues to grow, desire to recreate these dance scenes and practice Bollywood dance moves has become popular worldwide.


The Bollywood Dance Classes

Bollywood dance classes begin with a warm up to help you get ready for the more active part of the class. After the warm up, your teacher will show you some basic moves, which you will then put together in a sequence. As you enjoy more classes, you will become more familiar with the routines and will add new components each week.


bollywood classes in madrid

Feel like a bollywood film star!


There are a range of levels available for students of Bollywood dance classes – from beginners to advanced level. This means that no matter what dance skills you have, we can easily find a class with a Bollywood dance teacher that is suitable for your level.


Due to its rise in pop culture, Bollywood is currently one of the most popular dance classes to take part in. So make sure you enrol in classes soon to start learning how to “change the light bulb” and “pet the dog” – there really is nothing stopping you!



When booking less than 10 classes

Group classes    15€
Individual classes    Available on request

When reserving more than 10 classes

Group classes    12€
Individual classes    Available on request
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