Salsa is both a stunning dance and an enchanting type of music. Literally, it translates to "sauce" in Spanish, but it mainly refers to the spicy style of dancing and alluring, sensual characteristics of the dance.  No other word is more appropriate to describe its mixed origins and musical influences. 

The music is a fusion between the traditional African rhythms that were popular in Latin America, mainly in Puerto Rico and Cuba, and the music of the Latin immigrants who moved to New York City between the 1940's and the 1970's. 

Salsa is a dance in which the couple doesn´t move around the dance floor a lot. There is no fixed rule as to how you dance Salsa, although many different styles can be seen. Among the most popular dance styles are the Cuban, the New York and the Los Angeles.

The Salsa Courses

The Salsa courses offered by Dance Classes Madrid are taught by instructors who are passionate professionals with enormous amounts of experience in the style of dance that they teach.

Salsa classes are one of the most popular classes that our customers request. People of all ages can easily learn how to dance and master Salsa.

Dance Classes Madrid suggests that beginners or dances with an intermediate level should take Cuban style Salsa classes as this style is easier to learn. Advanced students also have the option of learning the more difficult New York and Los Angeles styles, however, your dance instructor can help to advise you on which is the most suitable dance style for you to learn.

With Dance Classes Madrid, you can learn this ultra-sexy dance and feel proud of yourself.

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