Dance Classes Madrid was born in 2007 by a team of young dancing lovers with the goal to provide the best dance classes to people visiting Madrid.
Meet our dance team specialists below!


Head of Dance Classes Madrid

“Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had a deep passion for dancing. I was only 4 years when I attended my first flamenco class and, since then, I knew that flamenco would always be part of my day to day life. At Dance Classes Madrid we want to share our love for dancing as an art and believe it improves the quality of daily life for everyone that practices regularly!”




Dance Specialist at Dance Classes Madrid

“After visiting Madrid as a Spanish and Dance student, I fell in love with Madrid and I decided to stay to look for a job. Lucky me! I applied for a job at Dance Classes Madrid and here I am, helping people to find the perfect dance to suit them and sharing my love for Spanish dance and culture. At Dance Classes Madrid we are completely committed to every single student and we do everything possible to ensure their dancing experience is a fun, enriching one!”