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Top Dance Classes in Madrid

Dance Classes in Madrid

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What our Students Think

My salsa classes were an incredible experience: salsa classes in Madrid are an explosion of energy and rhythm. The instructors are passionate and patient, making you feel comfortable from the first step. Definitely recommended for learning and having fun!

Ether, 29, USA

Tango classes in Madrid immerse you in the sensuality and elegance of this dance. The teachers are experts in conveying the emotional connection that makes tango so special. Highly recommended for those looking to explore the passion of tango!

Arjun, 35, India

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My flamenco instructor was very supportive and made me feel really comfortable, even though I’m new to dance. The dance itself is so beautiful and I feel like I have a much deeper connection with my body and Flamenco music after this experience.

Hannah, 26, USA

My salsa classes were so much fun! I had a great time learning the steps and, even though I’m a beginner, I feel like I can really dance now. Next time, I want to try Flamenco for sure.

Simon, 32, France

Flamenco classes are a complete cultural immersion. From the footwork to the expressive hand movements, each class transports you to the passion and soul of flamenco. An experience you will never forget!

Yuto, 31, Japan

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