The history of Burlesque

Burlesque originated in the 18th century as a theatrical method of parody. The musical shows would often use the original music or popular music of the time and re-write the lyrics for comic effect.

Many years later, the use of the term burlesque referred to variety show performances popular from the 1860s to the 1940s. These took place in cabarets, clubs, and theatres, and featured comedy and female stripteases.

The exotic and sexy nature of the dance has turned burlesque dance classes into one of the most popular hen party activities of recent times and many of our students love the Madrid burlesque classes.

The  Burlesque Dance Class

burlesque classes in madrid

Get a costume and feel sexy in your burlesque dance class!

At the beginning of the class, your teacher will show you some basic sexy and seductive dance moves to get you into the burlesque mood. After learning these moves, you and the other girls will be taught to put the moves into a routine, which you will then perfect to music to surprise your friends or partner with!

In order to take part in a burlesque dance class, all you have to do is book the class and show up at the school. To get into the mindset of a burlesque dancer, it is also ideal if you to wear a costume-long gloves/stockings/high heels/ feather boas – or anything which makes you feel ultra sexy and awakes your inner burlesque queen!

Reservate Burlesque Classes in Madrid

If you are interested in having a private class for you, you and your partner, or a group of friends, contact us so we can personalize the classes to fit your needs.