sexy salsa dance classes in Madrid

There is no better partner than your significant other.

Planning a trip to Madrid with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife? Have you always fancied the idea of learning to dance together but never found the time or opportunity? Or perhaps you already are quite experienced dancers but would love to take advantage of your time in Madrid to get even better and perfect your skills. Well, either way, this is your opportunity: There is nothing like the tango, salsa, or even flamenco to spice up your relationship!

Learn how to dance salsa with your partner

Spice up the relationship with your partner!

Your options are both varied and exciting: you can attend group classes with other Spanish and international couples or (if you have limited time and/or want to treat yourself) sign up for private classes, where the dance instructor can focus exclusively on you and your partner to improve your style, posture, rhythm. Both options guarantee fun, an increase in your physical connection, and quick progress!

Each year, hundreds of couples just like you chose Dance Classes Madrid to make their stay in this special city even more magical and romantic! So why not join them? Tell us the dates of your trip, how many classes you would like, which dance or dances you would prefer and if you have any experience, and we will take care of the rest.

Take a moment to explore our site and then please do get in touch with your request and any other comments you may have. We would love to hear from you and welcome you and your partner to Madrid’s best dance program.