If you’re getting married soon or just fancy a fun filled girls weekend away and want to organise a weekend party in Madrid that you’ll never forget, then look no further than Dance Classes Madrid! With us, you can have the time of your life and experience the sizzling Spanish culture while you and friends celebrate the best weekend of the year.


Activities to take part in on your Girl’s Weekend in Madrid

girls weekend in Madrid

Get ready to have fun with your girls in Madrid

At Dance Classes Madrid, we have specifically created a Girl’s weekend Dance Package for you and your friends to enjoy.  If there are other events you want to add, just let us know and we will get a quote to you ASAP.

The Dance Class

dance classes in madrid

Learn sexy dances with your friends and get ready for the night party!!!

Our dance teachers are all well-trained in teaching complete beginners and turning you into spicy seductresses! They are all qualified professionals with vast amounts of experience in their dance discipline and are also all able to speak English, so don’t worry about any potential language barriers! They’ll be able to teach you all of the steps and techniques you need to show off your dance moves to your partner or friends after returning from your girl’s weekend party!


The Evening Event

You need to choose to either go classy or sexy – you can’t have it all!


The Classy Night

We can arrange for you to have a lovely Spanish meal whilst watching a Flamenco or Tango show in the heart of Madrid.  The food and atmosphere create a spectacular evening that you won’t forget.  Once you finish watching the dance show, you can put on your “dancing”shoes and go clubbing or go to a Salsa club in Madrid.  We can even organise VIP entrances so you won’t have to stand in line and will receive a complimentary drink on arrival.


The Sexy Night

If you want to carry on the spicy theme of the afternoon’s dance classes we recommend enjoying traditional Spanish dinner served by half-naked men! After the meal, you can go to the disco next door to carry on the celebrations until the early hours of the morning!

Madrid is the perfect location for you to enjoy a girl’s weekend party; after enjoying your class you can venture out into the city and soak up the sun before partying until dawn. To find out more information about Madrid you can visit our Dance in Madrid page, just in case you need any more convincing before celebrating a girl’s weekend in the city where the nightlife never stops!