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The History of Salsa

Salsa dance originated in Latin America in the 1940’s and has become universally loved all over the world. This Latin dance is energetic and focuses on the relationship between the two partners, making it both intimate and fun.

There are four different types of Salsa: Cali-style, Cuban style, LA style and New York style. The Cuban-style is better-known worldwide, as the more tranquil steps make it more accessible for beginners to study. Learning the Cuban style is easy and enjoyable!

The Salsa Classes

Our Salsa classes, offered by Dance Classes Madrid, are taught by instructors who are passionate professionals with enormous amounts of experience in the style of dance that they teach.

Salsa is a very sexy and fun dancing style. One of the exciting elements is that you have to dance with a partner!

Our salsa classes are perfect for people who are looking to have fun and don’t yet have a lot of dancing experience: the steps are easy to pick up in a short period of time and are not as intricate as other dances.

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