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The History of Tango

The Tango is another popular Latin dance, which originated in the 1880’s in Latin America. The Tango’s popularity soon spread to the rest of the world, as its passion and intensity became hard for the rest of the world to resist.

There is some discussion as to the birthplace of the dance, with some people claiming that it started by the Río de la Plata, a river which borders Argentina and Uruguay, while others argue that the dance began in Buenos Aires – the capital of Argentina.

The dance has undeniably strong connections with Argentina, however, as the Argentine Tango is the most well-known and popular form of Tango that exists in the world today and is perceived as the most authentic.

Tango class

The Tango is a romantic dance, filled with passion, in which the bodies tell a story to the audience. It is an intense dance that is always performed with a partner, so it is important to have a good connection with your partner to make the movements convey strong emotions to the audience. You will get to know other students in your Tango classes easily as you master the dance together.

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The Tango is a tricky but rewarding dance to learn, and once you have mastered it you will feel proud to be able to show off your moves to all of your friends or on special occasions. So don’t put off reserving your tango dance classes any longer: you will feel elegant and poised once you have learned how to move around the dance floor to the beat of the Tango!

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