Dance classes in Madrid- Flamenco

Submerge yourself in the Spanish culture on «Dance Classes Madrid».

The majority of our dancers here at Dance Classes Madrid prefer to sign up for dance classes on their own, for many reasons. First, there is no need to compromise with a partner, so you can learn the dance you’ve always dreamed of! Secondly, dancing is a wonderful way to meet people: whether it’s flamenco, tango, or salsa, your class will be full of potential partners who are ready to sweep you off your feet!

Fill your mornings with trips to Madrid’s finest art museums or Spanish classes, perfect cultural compliments for your dance classes, and then walk through our historic streets to your class of choice. All of our trained, professional teachers make sure everybody switches partners often and are careful to give you the tips and tricks you need to become a talented and graceful dancer, or to improve on the skills you already possess!

Dance offers one of the best ways to make friends when you’re traveling solo, and you’re sure to end up grabbing coffee, taking a walk in the park, or going to a flamenco show after class with your new pals. For avid travelers, dance can be a method of communication that transcends language and will give you a talent you can use anywhere in the world, as well as allowing you to form a deeper connection with Spanish culture than ever before.

So why not sign up today? The experience of a lifetime is waiting for you!