Dance Classes Madrid is a dance agency that specializes in organising Spanish and Latin dance classes for groups during their time in Madrid. Whether you are a complete beginner or already showing off your moves, we can arrange classes to suit all of your needs and wishes.

Some of our students are here just for the weekend, on hen nights, or a short break, and others are here living in Madrid – however whatever period of time you are here for, we can organise classes for a closed group or individual classes to fit in with your schedule, and if you don’t speak Spanish don’t worry-most of our dance instructors speak English as well!

Our dance classes can be scheduled for as long as you want and at the time you want. Just let us know your preferences.

Share our passion

We are completely passionate about dance and the Spanish lifestyle! And we want to share with you our passion for these intense and vibrant Spanish and Latin dances.  Learning to dance will let you feel the Spanish rhythm and your heart will dance along to the Spanish beat. It is very addictive! Once you start learning the difference between a ‘gancho’ and an ‘enchufla’ – you won’t be able to stop!

With Dance Classes Madrid you will improve your dance skills, have fun with you class partners and live the Spanish passion for dance. If you want to have an exciting and vibrant dance experience, don’t hesitate: take the challenge now!

We also offer another alternative with our dance classes: the opportunity to combine them with Spanish classes. For more information, please visit our Spanish & Dance page.