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Hey Mambo!

The Mambo originated in Cuba and closely resembles Salsa. In America, it is an extremely popular type of dance, due to the proximity to Cuba and its usage in pop culture. If you have ever dreamed of moving like the actors in Dirty Dancing, then the Mambo is perfect for you!

The Mambo originated from the big Latino Orchestras that were very dance friendly. Today, there are many popular types of Mambo dance and they are all well known because of the musicians who promoted them. There is: “Mambo Jambo” (Perez Prado), “Mambo Gozón” (Tito Puente) and “Cuban Mambo” (Xavier Cugat).

A few beginner tips

  1. The Mambo is danced to the musical tempo of the 4/4. A basic starting step is done in 8 times, which corresponds to a total of 12 moves. There is a small pause in the even numbered moves.
  2. The dancers begin by standing as if they are mirror images of each other.
  3. They are positioned very close together, which is typical of latin-style dancing. Some dancers take their partners by the waist, whilst others put their hands on their partner’s shoulders or back. In this way, the dancers connect their bodies in a very close, intimate way.

If you are a fan of the Mambo, then here at Dance Classes Madrid we will be happy to welcome you and help you fulfil your dreams of becoming the next Mambo sensation!


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