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Have you ever danced Merengue?

The Merengue is a musical genre and dance that originated in the Dominican Republic, a Caribbean island. It started to become well known around 1850, specifically in the northern region of El Cibao, and today its popularity has spread to other nations such as Puerto Rico, Venezuela and the U.S. cities of New York and Miami.

Its origins are very vague. One hypothesis states that the origin of the Merengue was the result of a dance called the Upa Habanera, which has a step called the Merengue. Another states that it could be an adaptation of a Haitian dance which is called the Méringue.

The Folk Merengue (known in Spanish as the Merengue Típico), uses an accordion and a güira, a small drum made of wood and untreated leather.They also sometimes use a marimba and, nowadays, even a guitar. In recent times, it has been influenced by other rhythms, such as Salsa and even Rap and Hip Hop, so that its beat has now become faster and more dynamic.

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¡A por el Merengue! Everyone to the dance floor!

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